Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of A, Princess A was about to sit down for a nice breakfast when a message arrived. The princess of Kingdom B has been kidnapped! Quickly she finished her eggs and toast and dashed out the castle gate, eager to come to the lady's rescue.

At the exact same time, Princess B was indulging in her morning lager when she too received a message. Someone has kidnapped Princess A! Without hesitation, she swigged down the rest of her beverage and began her quest to save the fair damsel!

And so began Princess A and Princess B's long, epic journey to rescue... each other.

Princess Panic! is the title of a 2-d yuri game based heavily on the mechanics of Paper Mario and other such platformer/adventure/RPG hybrids. Lots of action, silliness, puzzles, and romance will be involved. At the start of the game, the player follows the quest of each princess in an alternating fashion, and with each chapter, their journeys become more and more interlinked, to the point where the princesses find themselves depending on each other without even knowing it.

As yet, this is an idea blog, and production has yet to be started. It is way too early say if it will go beyond that, but who knows. Stranger things have happened.

The creator and owner of this blog is Josh L, whose previous work was a webcomic named Girly. If you're familiar with that comic you may know what kind of thing to expect here. Any artists, programmers, developers, publishers, and all interested parties can contact him at his email / facebook / twitter

A Kickstarter update from Princess A!

Yes, it is always nice to get the bonus items all nice and done so that all there is left is the final actual game!

We’re gettin’ there!

-Josh (& Princess A)

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Princess A happens across a Butt Eel.

Princess A happens across a Butt Eel.


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