Status Update 2013/03/01

Good day, followers and backers alike!  Developer John here for another progress update.

Last time I showed you a little of what was cooking with the Auroran Overworld.  We’ve added quite a bit of polish since then, and found just the right tune for the generator. The world looks quite excellent now and as ever will be different for everyone who plays.



The world will be quite large too, giving us plenty of opportunity to fill it with Stuff as time goes on.  And even in the wilderness things won’t be boring by any means; time passes, day turns to evening and then night.  You might find something hidden away in a deep forest, and you may just find that things aren’t as safe above-ground as you might expect…

Not everything is Out There, though!  While the Town might not be as mortally dangerous as the wilds, there will be plenty to explore and experience at home.  We’ve been designing and creating a bevy of domiciles and storefronts and all the little embellishments that really make a place come alive.


Right now we have a Game.  Town, Overworld, and Dungeons.  It’s early days yet, though.  The amazing success of the Kickstarter has fueled us to fill the initial release with as much awesome as we can and still produce a product in a reasonable amount of time.  We’re chugging away at it!  We’ll keep updating as we get further and further.

Who likes techincals?  I love technicals, so my last offering in this update is a little bit about how we’re doing character customization.  While enemies and Special NPCs have one fixed set of animations, the player and generated party members are done a little differently.


The final image here is our Default Test Guy sprite sheet.  We’re using it to debug and fine-tune the palette-swapping mechanism and character drawing.  Each character is built up from individual pieces and then each piece is color-mapped when rendering.  The character sprites you see on the world and town screens above are rendered from these pieces and the GPU does the color-correction.

The player will be able to create a character from a myriad selection of pieces and colors, and NPCs are generated randomly in the same way.  Neat, eh?

See you next time!