So I am most likely just confused, but considering the goal for unlocking Borealis Wasnt reached, will it be implemented in any way other than "Princess B is from there"? I ask because Borealis honestly seemed like a great Idea, Perfect Countermeasure to Aurora. Plus, Princess B is Cooler than Princess A... Regardless, This looks to be a game well worth my and everyone else who finds out about its time... or at least, worth trying out.

We really wanna do Borealis and give B a presence in the game as well. Basically since the stretch goal wasn’t met, we hope to include it as a paid expansion pack rather than an initial part of the game. Denizens of B’s kingdom will visiting Aurora as well.

I know it seems like we’re favoring Princess A quite a bit. We’re still so much more used to working with her world at this point, since that’s the part of Princess Panic we’re still working on, plus all the general development work is being done with A and her fairy. We do love B as well, though. She’ll get her fair share of blogtime in the near future.