Hello, Josh Lesnick. As someone who loves 2D artwork in video games, I have my own aspirations for making a game with 2D artwork traditional animation. I'm just curious, but do you have any past experience making 2D art assets for videos games? Do you have any experience in video games in general? If not, what's it like to be getting your feet wer with an indie project like this?

The answers, in order:


Nope! Except for playing them.

Kind of terrifying, but exciting! I’ve said this a few times before, but really it’s working with a team that I’m enjoying the most. I’m learning new things every day!

Princess Panic is pretty much my main project, while my role in Dungeon Panic will be relatively minor, and I’m pretty thankful that the guys came up with the idea. It is helping me transition from comics to games a lot more than jumping straight into a huge, elaborate RPG!