more sketchbook stuff

A question I have received often is “with the princesses gone, who will be running the kingdoms?”

A fair question. Indeed when I first thought up the game I thought about having the princesses being on their own, with no real explanation to how their kingdoms work exactly. But then I thought about how I’d rather not have an elaborate backstory explained (within the game, anyway), but it’d be nice to have a group of people who accompany the princesses, as a means to provide hints about their past, as well as to have people around to help them out when they return to their castles (which serve as the “hub” locations).

And so, we have the Regents!

This is by no means final, but I currently relish the idea of A being surrounded by old bald dudes, while B is accompanied by a bunch of burly beer-swilling guys. In both cases, the kind of environment that’s basically good to them, but they would look forward to get away from.

Also pictured, the princesses in their “morning wear”, which they start the game out in.

More elaborate designs will come a bit later down the road.